We charge $30 per cubic yard to spread the mulch

1. You order it.
2. We spread it.
How much mulch will I need? PLC will give you a free estimate.

Please let us know 3 days prior to ordering your mulch, we can get it a little cheaper
for you with our business discount.

Peninsula hard wood mulch (York town) (757) 898-3302
Waltrip mulch (Williamsburg) (757) 229-0434

Mulch Is More Than Decorative
Mulch retains moisture, retards weeds, provides nutrients, controls erosion and
insulates the soil protecting plants from extreme temperature variations.

Too Much Mulch Is Harmful
Mulch should be applied no more than 2 inches thick to provide a 1 - 1 1⁄2 inch
blanket after settling . Building a volcano around a tree is an example of excessive
mulching and it will cause more harm than good.

All Mulches Are Not The Same
There are many mulch producers across the country and around the world. Each
sources their own raw materials and implements their own production methods. Due
to these factors, you will find an enormous selection of mulches across the country.
The most common types in the United States are hardwood bark, cypress, pine and
cedar. Hardwood and pine mulches will break down and release nutrients into your
soil. Cypress and cedar mulches break down extremely slow. Therefore, their
benefits are primarily for decorative use, holding moisture, controlling erosion and
retarding weed growth. Pine bark mulch holds up the longest and is best for your
plants and soil.

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